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Usability Testing

Good design requires that keeping the user and their needs at the core of the process. Difficult to keep this commitment? ONE ILLustration can lead the way. We'll engage your users to analyze their experience, get feedback on your project proposals, categorize specific features, and organize your process. In addition to all that "doing", ONE ILLustration leverages a lot of thinking as well. Our designers incorporate usability best practices and stay current on what's most needed for your clients.

As a central aspect of ONE ILLustration's design services, usability testing can incorporate a variety of services:


ONE ILLustration can examine your website using common, industry-accepted usability guidelines and usability best practices and provide you with a written report of findings and recommendations for improvement.

focus groups

ONE ILLustration can assemble a set of users to get their feedback to concepts and beginning designs and to hear them discuss their choices in a guided but open analysis.

user research and interviews

Better usability can be achieved with one-on-one interviews with your current or prospective users to collect clear input on their needs and hurdles. We'll also gather usability feedback on their experience with site using a script that you've approved.


We'll work with your target audience to organize the content for your website or application. Using paper or online cards, we'll ask your users to organize the cards into groups and to label the groups. This provides valuable input for understanding the natural categories people have for the content before we begin the design of the new structure.

task-based usability testing

We'll evaluate the end user experience in how your target audience actually uses the website or product. We'll determine user goals, develop scripts, conduct the testing sessions, and make recommendations to increase efficiency, usability, and user-friendliness. ONE ILLustration is flexible to work with your users onsite, in their remote offsite locations, or at your facilities.

surveys to relevant participants

We'll work with your target audience to collect online information about demographics, preferences, and overall design impact. Surveys can be highly structured to ensure we preserve the scientific collection of usability feedback.